Ready to support you through Winter Peak Levels

Supplier Resilience and Service Levels

Given the circumstances, it’s not much of a surprise that the NHS are already operating at winter peak levels and have been for some time.


We wanted to make you aware that as a supplier to hospital sites across the UK, we have ramped up our rental service to support customers with immediate access to emergency equipment when demand soars.


We believe it is more important than ever to offer the convenience of renting equipment that can be delivered within a short window of time and exactly when it is needed. That way, healthcare professionals are given peace of mind that the unpredictable and sporadic levels of patient care they experience on the wards can be met within a reasonable time scale.


Our service is already 24/7, but we have added contingency resources to ensure we are prepared to support our customers at all times throughout this period.


With more uncertainties ahead, we will continue to monitor the situation and increase capacity and resources as and when required whilst keeping our customers informed throughout.


If you are in need of equipment or support for your bariatric patients, please don’t hesitate to contact our operations department on 0333 800 9000.