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Cura Care Chair

Product Code: T100CC

From Intensive Care to Palliative Care, the Cura Care chair is a high dependency chair designed to be a vital part of your patient care plan.

Simple operation of the seat allows easy positioning of the patient and when combined with the pressure management cushioning in the seat and the backrest, patient comfort is cared for. Backrest and leg rest angle are adjustable by manual assisted operation.

The Cura Care chair is suitable for patients up to 180kg (28st) weight capacity and has a seat width of 457mm (18”) seat width.


  • Fully integral full-length pressure care

  • Tilt in space and 100% layflat

  • Backrest recline, seat tilt and elevating legrest

  • Adjustable armrests as standard

  • Large directional locking centrally braked castors


  • Provides comfort and combats pressure sores and other skin conditions

  • Enables emergency procedures such as intubation to take place

  • Ensures patient can find the most suitable position

  • Enables easy side transfers using slide sheets or boards

  • High mobility and control, can be used for patient transport

Technical Specification

Overall Width660mm (26”)
Overall Height (backrest up)1260mm (49”)
Overall Length (supine position)1800mm (71”)
Seat Width Between Arms460mm (18”)
Seat Depth520mm (20”)
Backrest Height (from seat)680mm(27”)
Armrest Height (from seat)175mm (7”)
Seat Height (tilted forward)600mm (23.5”)
Seat Height (normal position)630mm (24.5)
Backrest Recliner Range100 - 172°
Seat Forward Incline Range0 - 6.5°
Seat Rearward Incline Range0 – 18°
Maximum Weight Capacity (kgs)180kg (28st)


  Cura Care Chair User Manual

Filename: Cura-Care-Chair-User-Manual.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 548.85 KB

  Cura Care Chair Product Sheet

Filename: Cura-Care-Chair-Product-Sheet.pdf

Type: pdf

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