Bariatric Workshops

Our training aims to provide an extra level of customer support and by sharing our experience and expertise in bariatric care, we support our clients to provide patients with accessible, effective, continuity of care.

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Training Staff

Training staff in bariatric patient handling methods and increasing awareness of what equipment and resources are available is essential so they can cope with an ever-growing population.

As a result, and in addition to the provision of specialist equipment, we offer bariatric workshops to both clinical and non-clinical professionals, ensuring bariatric patients are supported effectively by the most innovative equipment on the market.


Benmor Workshops

Our bariatric workshops are carried out by our strategically located Area Managers who supply a selection of equipment to a client’s premises and train a group of staff on how to use the equipment effectively. They will also provide ideas for the best practices to carry out while patients are using the equipment.

We are passionate about improving bariatric care in the UK. To this end, we offer extensive training and support for our clients in the form of our Bariatric Workshops and CPD certified courses

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