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Quilted Slide Sheets

Our quilted slide sheets are available in a variety of sizes and are used for turning and repositioning patients in bed or for transfer between hospital bed, trolley, examination couch or operating table.

Supplied complete with a waterproof cover which can be used independently as a slide sheet.

Product Codes and Sizes:

  • BMHE013 - Maxi Mover 1900mm x 650mm

  • BMHE014 - Maxi Mover Cover
  • BMHE015 - Maxi Mover Plus 1900mm x 1300mm
  • BMHE016 - Maxi Mover Plus Cover
  • BMHE017 - Mini Mover 700mm x 650mm
  • BMHE018 - Compact Cover


  • Quilted fabrication

  • Various sizes available

  • Supplied with a waterproof cover


  • For added patient comfort

  • Sizes to suit all patients and application

  • Great for infection control

Maxi mover190cm x 65cm
Maxi cover195cm x 70cm
Maxi mover plus190cm x 130cm
Maxi plus cover190cm x 140cm
Mini mover70cm x 65cm
Compact cover72cm x 70cm


  Quilted Slide Sheets Product Sheet

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