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Tilt In Space Wheelchair

Product Code: T300TW

The Tilt in Space Wheelchair is designed to meet the specific needs of larger patients with effortless positioning suitable for users up to 180kg.

The wheelchair includes features such as tilt-in-space with weight shifting, two-way backrest and high ergonomic push handle.

Stability in this wheelchair originates from body length compensation in the back and legrests, beneficial for those with limited movement who have difficulty changing position.

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  • 180kg (28st) SWL

  • 22" (550mm) to 24" (610mm) seat width

  • Two way backrest

  • Footplate converter

  • Powertilt and recline


  • Able to cater for a range of patient weights

  • Can suit a range of patient widths, providing greater comfort

  • Gives the options of more space in the seat or chest area

  • Removable mid section to facilitate transfers

  • Carer can easily change seating position

Technical Specification

Seat width 550 - 610mm
Seat depth530 - 600mm
Seat height400/450mm
Length of legrests 330 - 500mm
Total Height 1020 - 1240mm
Total Length (inc footrests)1050 - 1120mm
Total Weight54kg
Max User Weight180kg (28st)


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