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Pro Loop Slings

Product Code: BMS089 - Extra Small
BMS090 – Small
BMS091 – Medium
BMS092 – Large
BMS092XL - Extra Large

The pro-loop disposable sling has been developed to provide a cost effective patient handling solution. Available in five sizes [extra small, small, medium, large and extra large], the pro-loop is designed for single patient use only and to be disposed of when soiled or no longer required.

Supplied in a box of 10, the pro-loop slings also incorporate head support for increased comfort. The sling is designed for use with any hoist which uses a standard loop attachment spreader bar.


  • Patient Specific

  • Loop fixing

  • Low cost

  • Variety of sizes


  • Infection control maximised

  • Can be used with any hook and loop fixing spreader bar

  • Laundry costs eliminated

  • Suitable for a range of patient sizes, up to 230kg (36st)

Safe Working Load230kg (36st)
Extra SmallRecommended user weight – 16kg – 45kg
Measurements: Top of head to sacrum – 68 – 87cm Shoulder width – 31 – 39cm
SmallRecommended user weight – 34kg – 68kg
Measurements: Top of head to sacrum – 74 – 92cm Shoulder width - 34 - 43cm
Medium Recommended user weight – 57kg – 91kg
Measurements: Top of head to sacrum – 80 – 104cm Shoulder width – 40 – 51cm
LargeRecommended user weight – 80 – 136kg
Measurements: Top of head to sacrum – 91 – 110cm Shoulder width – 47 – 60cm
X-Large Recommended user weight – 125kg – 200kg
Measurements: Top of head to sacrum – 96 – 116cm Shoulder width – 55 – 65cm


  Pro Loop Slings Product Sheet

Filename: Pro-Loop-Slings-Product-Sheet.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 1.11 MB

  Sizing guide for disposable hoist slings

Filename: Sizing-guide-for-disposable-hoist-slings-pro-lock-loop-060722.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 1.55 MB


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