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Freeway Bariatric Commode

Product Code: BMCT100

The Freeway doubles up as a commode and a shower chair. To ensure best fit, it can be made in a variety of sizes, with seat widths ranging from 23” – 35”

The commode/ shower chair is constructed from increased diameter tubing and is suitable for bariatric patients weighing up to 350kg (55st).

The padded seat and adjustable heel supports provide additional comfort for users.

Product Codes and Sizes:

  • BMCT100590 23" Seat Width 

  • BMCT100640 25" Seat Width
  • BMCT100690 27" Seat Width
  • BMCT100740 29" Seat Width
  • BMCT100790 31" Seat Width
  • BMCT100840 33" Seat Width
  • BMCT100890 35" Seat Width


  • 350kg (55st) safe working load

  • Range of seat widths

  • Commode/ shower chair

  • FREECOTE antimicrobial and antibacterial coating


  • Caters for bariatric patients

  • Ensures best fit for the user

  • Suitable for a variety of applications for bariatric patients

  • Resistant against MRSA, e-coli, salmonella and listeria

Chair Data

Safe Working Load (SWL)350kg (55st)
Seat Width590mm (23") – 890mm (35”)
Seat Depth550mm (21.5")
Seat Height570mm (22.5")
Overall WidthAdd 50mm to the seat width
Overall Depth1220mm (48")
Overall Height990mm (39")
Aperture Width 260mm (10.2") 310mm (12.2") available on request


  freeway commode shower chair product sheet

Filename: freeway-commode-shower-chair-002.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 1.22 MB


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