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Patient Specific Slide Sheets

Product Code: BMHE045/6

Slide sheets have become invaluable for repositioning a patient in bed without the need to lift, significantly reducing the risk of back injuries in staff carrying out patient handling tasks.

With the same high performance as the Ultra Slide Sheets but an emphasis on infection control, as well as issues relating to laundering and ownership of slide sheets, our Patient-Specific Slide Sheets have been developed to provide a solution to these issues.

Slide sheets are supplied in boxes of 100 and can be used individually or in pairs.

Product Codes and Sizes:

  • BMHE045 - Standard 200cm x 75cm

  • BMHE046 - Wide 200cm x 100cm


  • Two sizes available – standard and wide

  • Disposable

  • Extreme low friction

  • Dispenser box


  • Can be used for a variety of patients

  • Promotes infection control No need for laundering

  • Gives high performance slide

  • Ready to use

Technical Specification

Slide sheet standard2000mm x 750mm
Slide sheet wide2000mm x 1000mm
Pack of 100


  Patient Specific Slide Sheets Product Sheet

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