Training & Installation

For every order, our Rental Technicians offer thorough training to ward staff upon delivery of the equipment. From our experience, staff can often be unsure of the equipment that they require due to lack of technical awareness and training. With our service focused upon ensuring the patient’s safety and comfort, we therefore take a consultative approach to the order process.


At Benmor Medical we pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service achieved by the continual professional development of our workforce. Through the provision of industry leading training we ensure our staff have the technical skills and clinical knowledge to quickly pinpoint issues a client may be facing and take appropriate, responsive corrective action.

training installation 1

The ward staff particularly wanted me to send their appreciation to you for the time you spent with them. We are aware that you are a rental service for bariatric equipment and the time you spent training the staff was above and beyond that. However you made the staff feel comfortable with the equipment making it a safer and a better experience for the staff and patient.”