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ReTurn 7600

Product Code: T100RT

The ReTurn 7600 is a simple to use sit-to-stand and transfer aid for users up to 205kg (32st). The ReTurn enables safe and active transfers to and from beds, wheelchairs or toilets. Complete with height and width adjustable shin pads that can be used for leg dressings.

For users who still retain some degree of strength, the ReTurn can provide the natural movement during sit-to-stand whilst minimising the risk to the patient or carer.


  • 205kg (32st) SWL

  • Height and width adjustable lower leg supports

  • Rolls, turns and pivots smoothly

  • Can be applied to a variety of settings and activities


  • Can be used with bariatric patients who still retain some degree of strength

  • Can be used for a variety of patients and adjusted to suit their height

  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces and in confined spaces

  • Versatile and can assist patients with various transfers and repositioning

Technical Specification

SWL205kg (32st)
Baseplate Length795mm
Baseplate Width672mm
Baseplate Height45mm
Total Weight26kg


  ReTurn 7600 User Manual

Filename: ReTurn-7600-User-Manual.pdf

Type: pdf

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  ReTurn 7600 Product Sheet

Filename: ReTurn-7600-Product-Sheet.pdf

Type: pdf

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