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Product Code: T100BTA

Designed by Benmor Medical, the bari-suit® is a bariatric training aid that allows nursing staff to develop the specialist skills required to safely manage a bariatric patient by allowing them to practise techniques using realistic scenarios within a safe environment.

Designed to be worn by nursing staff during training sessions the bari-suit® comprises of 3 realistic body sections (arms, torso and legs) which allow the wearer to experience first-hand the mobility restrictions an obese patient faces on a daily basis The suit provides colleagues with a pseudo bariatric patient to practise moving and handling techniques without endangering themselves.

Additional attachments enable users to alternate between the 2 different shapes of a bariatric patient, an 'apple' and a 'pear. The suit is supplied with a wheeled carry case for easy transportation.


  • Simulates the proportions, size and shape of a bariatric patient

  • Can alternate between an 'apple' and a 'pear' shape

  • Filled with a mixture of weighted beads and padding

  • Weighs approximately 12 - 15kg

  • One size fit all

  • Hand made in the UK, supplied with a jumper, trousers and braces and a carry bag

  • Machine washable


  • Allows staff to practise and develop vital skills

  • Assists training of patient transfers and correct use of moving and handling equipment

  • Realistic weight distribution

  • Gives staff an insight into the challenges a patient faces

  • All staff can experience bariatric moving and handling from a patient’s perspective

  • The bari-suit® can be used as soon as you receive your order

  • Ensures it can be efficiently cleaned between uses

Technical Specification

Product Weight12 - 15kg (1.89 – 2.36st)
SizeOne size fit all
ProportionsApple and pear shape


  bari-suit® User Manual

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  bari-suit® Product Sheet

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  The Innovative bari-suit® - Bariatric Training Aid

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