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Wheelchair Commode

Product Code: T100TC/53

The wheelchair shower commode offers a multi-functional piece of equipment for bariatric patients which helps to minimise transfers for toileting and bathing. One transfer from the bed to shower commode chair reduces the risk of injury to both the staff and the patient.

Other features include removable arms, attendant mount rear locks, integral rear anti-tippers and removable footrests.

The commode has a 340kg (53st) SWL and a 711mm (28”) seat width ensuring it can be used with a variety of patients.


  • 340kg (53st) swl

  • 711mm (28") seat width

  • 489mm (19.25") seat height

  • Attendant mount rear locks

  • 8" castors

  • Integral rear anti-tippers

  • Removable or swing away arms

  • Removable footrests


  • Caters for a range of patient groups including bariatric

  • Can be used for a variety of patients

  • Caters to a variety of different patient heights

  • Provides stable and secure position when not in transport

  • Easy for the care giver to push and manoeuvre

  • Provides safety for the user

Enables easier side transfers

  • Can be removed when footrests are not needed

Technical Specification

Safe Working Load (SWL)340kg (53st)
Seat Width711mm (28")
Seat Depth508mm (20")
Seat Height489mm (19.25")
Overall Width787mm (31")
Overall Length635mm (25")
Overall Height901mm (35.5")
Product weight17kg (2.8st)


  Wheelchair Commode Product Sheet

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