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Chair Scales

Product Code: BMW007

The high capacity chair scales have a super-sized seat to accommodate for accurate weighing of bariatric patients up to 300kg. With its comfortable design, this chair scale is also ideal for gaining weights of frail patients or those who have restricted mobility.

The chair scales have hinged armrests and footrests for patient comfort and easy patient transfers. Two rear brake wheels and fixed wheels at the front allow for smooth movement when a patient is being transferred.


  • 300kg (47st) maximum capacity

  • Comfortable one-piece seat

  • Extra wide seat

  • Hinged armrests and footrests

  • Two rear brake wheels

  • Class III approval


  • Suitable for patients of all sizes and weights

  • Also suited for patients who are frail or have restricted mobility

  • Ideal for bariatric patients

  • For easy patient transfers

  • Smooth movement during transportation

  • Approved under the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC)

Technical Specification

Weight Capacity 300kg
Graduations 50g < 150kg > 100g
Seat Dimensions 1000mm x 690mm x 990mm
Height to hand grip 930mm
Seat height 550mm
Adaptor Specifications 12V 1A 2.5mm tip +ve
Battery LifeUp to 3000 weigh ins from full charge (equivalent to 55 hours of continuous use)
Weight of scale 27kg
Power supply Mains/rechargeable


Hinged footrests and armrests
Four wheels, with two brakes
Battery life indicator
3 displays - weight, height, BMI


  Chair Scale Product Sheet

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  Chair Scale User Manual

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