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Aurum+® Bariatric Bed

Product Code: BMPB065AP (Aurum+ Bariatric Bed), BMPB065ASP (Aurum+ Bariatric Bed with integral weighing system)

The aurum+ bariatric bed has been specifically designed for size, strength and practicality.

Key features of the aurum+ bed such as width adjustment, optional integrated weighing scales and patented stowable safety rails* provide a safe environment within which to improve the moving and handling of larger patients up to 440kg (69st).

The aurum+ bariatric bed is compliant with the latest EN60601/2/52 medical standard. Of all the bariatric beds available, the aurum+ expandable bariatric hospital bed is one of the simplest to use.

*Patent - GB2559104


  • Adjustable mattress platform 915mm (36") to 1220mm (48")

  • 490kg (77st) SWL

  • 440kg (69st) maximum patient weight

  • Electronic articulating bed

  • Innovative stowable safety rails

  • Emergency backup battery

  • Removable head and foot boards

  • Carer control with lock-out function

  • Epoxy coated finish

  • Emergency CPR and Trendelenburg

  • Central braking system

  • Up to 150mm (6") length extension

  • Rubberised bump wheels

  • Available with integral scales


  • Easy transportation and greater versatility

  • Able to hold a range of accessories as well as the patient

  • Can be used with even the largest of patients

  • Greatly reduces risk of injury to carer

  • Greater access treating a patient

  • Bed can be used in the event of a mains power failure

  • Greater access to patient, easier storage, easy cleaning

  • Carers can restrict patient control on the beds functions

  • Easier cleaning, greater infection control

  • Reduces time taken to move patient to emergency positions

  • Easy access to brakes from either side of the bed

  • Caters for taller patients

  • Takes the impact from knocks, reducing damage to bed

  • Accurate patient weighing up to 500kg (78st)

Bed data

Overall Length without scales2270mm
Overall Length with scales2425mm
Overall Width1090mm
Mattress Platform Length2000mm
Mattress Platform Width900mm
Mattress Platform Height
Without scalesMin 415mm - Max 835mm
With scalesMin 415mm - Max 835mm
Backrest – Max tilt angle55°
Upper Leg Section – Max tilt angle25°
Lower Leg Section – Max tilt angle18°
Reverse Trendelenburg21°
Safety Rail Height Above Mattress Platform460mm
Product weight without scales (approx)220kg
Product weight with scales (approx)228kg
Maximum Patient Weight (MPW)440kg / 69stone / 970lbs
Maximum Safe Working Load (SWL)490kg / 77 stone / 1080lbs
Medical Device Classification – Without ScalesClass 1
Medical Device Classification – With ScalesClass 1 Measuring

Electrical data

Power supply 230V ~ 50-60Hz
Power consumptionMax. 1.6A AC
Duty ratingIntermittent 10% (2min / 18min)
Equipment classificationClass II Type B Applied Part
Liquid ingress protectionIPX6


  Aurum + V4 product sheet 2022

Filename: Aurum-V4-product-sheet-2022.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 2.47 MB

  V4 Aurum+ Bariatric Bed Quick Reference Guide Email Copy 2022

Filename: V4-Aurum-Bariatric-Bed-Quick-Reference-Guide-Email-Copy-2022.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 56.16 MB

  Aurum+ Bariatric Bed User Manual

Filename: AUR-007-Aurum-User-Manual-1.0-09-03-2022.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 2.27 MB

  Assessing Suitable Equipment for a Bariatric Patient Flow Chart

Filename: Assessing-Suitable-Equipment-for-a-Bariatric-Patient-Flow-Chart.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 374.84 KB