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Bari Vest

Product Code: Bari Vest XXXL - XXXXL

The Bari Vest is designed for rising, standing and gait training with users weighing 180kg (28st) or more. It can be used in combination with mobile and stationary lifts, with a four-point sling bar.

The Bari Vest consists of a back section, a front section and a narrower section in the middle to enable a comfortable fit in the groin. It has two sling bar loops, both front and back as well as belts at three levels.

The Bari Vest is available in two sizes, XXXL and XXXXL, for users weighing up to 570kg (89st).


  • XXXL 570kg (89st) SWL, XXXXL 570kg (89st) SWL

  • Compatible with Ultra Twin Hoist and Viking XL

  • Pressure relieving padding

  • Simple design

  • Safe for patients and care-givers

  • Loop fixing, compatible with four point slingbar

  • Support in the groin and around the upper body


  • Able to be used with heavier patients

  • Variety of options available for gait training

  • Additional comfort for the user

  • Easy for the caregiver to apply

  • Greater security during raising, standing and gait training

  • Can be used with any hook and loop spreader bar

  • Ensuring comfort for the patient

Technical Specification

Safe Working Load250 - 570kg (39 – 89st)570kg (89st)
Patient Weight*180 - 300kg (28 – 47st)250 - 570kg (39 – 89st)
Lift Vest Range*1900 – 2800mm (74.8 – 110”)2300 – 3100mm (90 – 122”)
Care of productDo not use rinsing agent


  Bari Vest User Manual

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  Bari Vest Product Sheet

Filename: Bari-Vest-Product-Sheet.pdf

Type: pdf

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