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Uni Slide Sheets

Available in two sizes, the uni slide prevents patients from sliding down in a chair or bed by incorporating its one directional slide lock. This reduces the amount of patient handling required to reposition the patient and thus reduces the risk of back injury to the nurse or carer associated with these tasks. The quilted material on the outer surface provides added comfort for the patient.

Quilted Uni Flat Slides

Developed as an alternative to the tubular uni slides, the quilted flat uni slide is available in two sizes and incorporates a series of handholds which allow a positive grip when carrying out a patient handling task.

Product Codes and Sizes:

  • BMHE190 - Quilted Uni Slide - Chair 450mm x 400mm 

  • BMHE191 - Quilted Uni Slide - Bed 800mm x 700mm
  • BMHE192 - Quilted Flat Uni Slide - Chair 900mm x 400mm
  • BMHE193 - Quilted Flat Uni Slide - Bed 1600mm x 700mm


  • One directional slide

  • Different sizes available

  • Quilted design


  • Prevents patients from slipping

  • Sizes to fit both a chair or a bed

  • Added comfort for the patient

Technical Specification

Product CodeBMHE190
NameQuilted Uni-Slide – Chair
Length 450mm
Width 400mm
Material Quilted polyester cotton, Nylon
Laundry InstructionsMachine wash up to 71˚C
Quilted Uni-Slide- BedQuilted Flat Uni-Slide – ChairQuilted Flat Uni-Slide – Chair


  Uni Slide Sheets Product Sheet

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