Rental Equipment 24/7

We operate a 24 hour 7 days a week service with our employees fully trained to support any customer queries or requirements.


We have over 200 items for rental across the UK for use with patients who weigh up to 500kg (78st) stone. All of these products have been developed with the patient experience at the centre of design. Bringing together patients as ‘experts by experience’ alongside our in-house and external clinical expertise, we have co-productively developed sector-leading products which have quality, safety, comfort, and usability at their core.

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Rental Equipment Requests

All rental equipment requests can be made via our 24/7 support line or on our website. During office hours, this line is manned by our Operations Team, and out of hours by the on-call Rental Technician. All on-call rental technicians manning the phone line have completed all induction courses, have a minimum of 6 months service and have demonstrated a thorough product knowledge.


Upon contact, we discuss with the ward their needs. Our advisor enquires about the patient’s weight, hip-to-hip measurements, and mobility, discusses the reasons behind the patient’s admission, and maps their care pathway. 


This helps to determine the type and size of equipment required, including the need for any additional items such as commodes and hoists. This in turn ensures the patient is provided with the full range of equipment they require throughout their admission.

Close to you

We provide delivery and collection from our strategically placed branches in Hampshire, Leicestershire, Tyne & Wear and Bristol. We always aim to beat our delivery target of rental equipment being delivered within 4 hours of receipt of a purchase order and full training is always provided upon delivery by one of our expert Technicians.


All collections can be made 24/7 through contacting our customer service line. As with all our services, we will endeavour to provide a collection service as quickly as possible, utilising our workforce to maximum efficiency.

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Out of Hours Deliveries

Our free of charge support service is operated 24/7 and manned at all times by an experienced Technician to provide technical support to our clients at any time of the day.

Equipment Training

For every order, our Rental Technicians provide thorough training to ward staff upon delivery of the equipment. This training is offered on every order without exception, regardless if the equipment has been delivered to that ward previously.

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Technical Support

Recognising that our service is not completed when equipment and training to ward staff is delivered, we provide ongoing technical support to ensure any problems with using our devices can quickly be resolved. As such, upon equipment delivery we provide our clients the contact number for our support line and encourage ward staff to contact us should they have any concerns, issues or queries.


Upon reaching our support service, ward staff communicate with the on-call Technician who initially attempts to resolve the concern remotely. Should this not be possible, a local Technician is alerted to the problem and deployed immediately, and will be on-site within four hours to provide support or replace any faulty equipment.

Technical support is available to our customers 24/7.