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Bari Sling

Product Code: Bari Sling XXXL – XXXXL

The Bari Sling is a specialist sling designed for lifting patients weighing 200kg (31st) or more. It can be used in combination with both mobile and stationary lifts and is compatible with a four-point sling bar.

The Bari Sling has six suspension points, two loops at the back and four located under the legs in order to distribute pressure safely and more comfortably for the user.

This sling is available in two different sizes, XXXL and XXXXL and has a high safe working load of 570kg (89st).


  • 570kg (89st) SWL

  • Shoulder-high back

  • Undivided leg supports

  • Loop fixing

  • Slightly reclined seated posture


  • Can be used with even the heaviest patients

  • User is supported from the knees up to the shoulders and under the legs

  • Left in the chair under the user after the transfer has been completed

  • Can be used with any hook and loop spreader bar

  • Ensuring greater comfort for the patient

Technical Specification

Safe Working Load570kg (89st)
Recommended User WeightXXXL 200kg – 350kg XXXXL 250kg – 570kg
Laundry Instructions Can be washed at 60˚ - 80˚ and tumble dried at a low temperature. Disinfection – 70% ethanol, 45% isopropanol or similar.
ComplianceCE Marked Class I (MDD 93/42/EEC)


  Bari Sling Product Sheet

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