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Product Code: OTCT002

The Octopanus is a disposable small handling aid that helps to support the panus and limbs of plus-size patients.

The handling aid is useful for positioning an apple panus or apron when providing personal care or during wound management. It is particularly useful for assessing body segments at high risk of acquiring moisture lesions.


  • Soft and comfortable fabric

  • Simple design

  • Handles

  • Patient specific

  • Made from a coloured (non-woven Spunbond Pinsonic)

  • Latex free and non-toxic


  • Provides appropriate panus and limb support

  • Works on all support surfaces. Minimal training required

  • Eliminates the need to reach over the patient or bed

  • Eliminates need for laundering

  • Strong material suitable for bariatric patients

  • Safe and suitable for a range of patient types

Technical Specification

Size340 x 2900mm
MaterialNon-woven Spunbond Pinsonic
Other informationLatex free and non-toxic


  Octopanus Product Sheet

Filename: Octopanus-Product-Sheet.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 396.01 KB


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