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Lateral Transfer Slide

Product Code: BMHE024

The Lateral Transfer Slide has a smooth surface and a non-slip base allowing a patient to be moved from one surface to another without the need to be lifted.

Used in conjunction with the transfer sheet, correct posture during the transfer is maintained. The lateral transfer slide has tapered edges to allow for easy insertion and removal.


  • Low friction surface

  • Tapered edges

  • Eliminates the need to lift a patient


  • Enables smooth patient transfers

  • Enables easy insertion and removal of the board underneath a patient

  • Eliminates the health risks associated with lifting for carers

Technical Specification

Size1850mm x 650mm


  Lateral Transfer Slide Product Sheet

Filename: Lateral-Transfer-Slide-Product-Sheet.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 762.95 KB


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