Our Services

At Benmor Medical we provide a variety of additional services to support all your bariatric care requirements including clinical support, training, installation and servicing.

We focus on how we can continually improve our service to best satisfy our customers and in turn your patients.

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Rental Equipment 24/7

Our well-established reputation in the UK bariatric sector has been achieved by providing excellent 24/7 customer service, supported by innovative products and the highest quality products and services.

As pioneers in bariatric equipment we provide our clients with unique expertise to ensure solutions are appropriate for each patient they support. Through industry leading training and a shared passion for high customer service across our team, we will provide rental equipment and technical assistance 24/7. This free of charge service enables our customers to safely and effectively use our equipment in order to deliver the best care for their patients.

Compliance & Manufacturing

Unique to the market, Benmor Medical design and manufacture innovative product in the UK which help to improve patient care and maintain safety for healthcare professionals.


Our product range is fully compliant with EN60601-2-52:2015 compliance standard and Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

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Decontamination, Maintenance and Servicing

All the products on our rental fleet are expertly cleaned, maintained and serviced at our Nationwide branches before being sent back to our clients.


Following each hire, every item is decontaminated, safety tested, recalibrated, and electrical safety tested, with any repairs documented and addressed by our in-house Rental Technicians.


We also offer a yearly servicing programme to all our clients in order to ensure the longevity of products.

Training & Installation

For every order, our Rental Technicians provide thorough training to ward staff upon delivery of the equipment. This training is offered on every order without exception, regardless if the equipment has been delivered to that ward previously.

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Clinical Support

Treating the larger patient brings an array of challenges but with the help of our Clinical Support Specialist we aim to provide a greater confidence to manage and advise on this patient group

Patient Assessments &
Weigh Service

As part of our ongoing service to our customers, we are able to supply comprehensive patient assessments to ensure the most suitable equipment is provided to patients. We also have the facility to offer an on-site patient weigh service for both mobile and immobile patients.

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Bariatric Workshops

Our training aims to provide an extra level of customer support and by sharing our experience and expertise in bariatric care, we support our clients to provide patients with accessible, effective, continuity of care.

As a result, and in addition to the provision of specialist equipment, we offer bariatric workshops to both clinical and non-clinical professionals, ensuring bariatric patients are supported effectively by the most innovative equipment on the market.