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Lift Pants

Product Code: Lift Pants XL - XXXL

The Lift Pants allow caregivers the ability to provide gait training to their patients while providing a sense of security.

The Lift Pants can be used with an overhead or mobile hoist with sufficient lifting height. The advantage of an overhead lift is that the patient can move freely within the lifting area which, in the case of a traverse-type overhead lift, can mean practically the entire room.

Compatible with the Gantry Hoist and Viking mobile hoists.

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  • 500kg (78st) SWL

  • Compatible with Ultra Twin Hoist and Viking XL

  • Pressure relieving padding

  • Equipped with two hip straps


  • Can be used with heavier patients

  • Variety of options available for gait training

  • Additional comfort for the user

  • Assists with even weight distribution

Technical Specification

Maximum Load500kg (78st)500kg (78st)500kg (78st)
Patient Weight*200 – 500kg (31.5 – 78st)200 – 500kg (31.5 – 78st)200 – 500kg (31.5 – 78st)
Patient Height*1700 – 2100mm (67 – 83”)1700 – 2100mm (67 – 83”)1700 – 2100mm (67 – 83”)
MaterialNet polyesterNet polyesterNet polyester
*guidelines only
Measurements around waist185-260cm (73"-102")185-300cm (73"-118")
Measurements around hips 150-210cm (59"-83")150-250cm (59"-98")
Sling Back Height140cm (55")150cm (59")


  Lift Pants Product Sheet

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  Lift Pants User Manual

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