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Bari Foam+ Bariatric Mattress

Product Code: BMPB065FP

The Bari Foam+ Mattress is an alternative to our dynamic air mattress and provides pressure relief for medium risk patients.

The mattress is unique with its width adjustable feature to compliment the aurum bariatric bed. Width adjustment is achieved through two foam extension inserts which slot either side of the mattress when the bed is extended.

The mattress is suitable for patients up to 320kg (50st) and is made up of a series of combustion modified foam to give the mattress its pressure relieving qualities.


  • 320kg (50st) max patient weight

  • Width expandable from 915mm (36") to 1220mm (48") using two foam extension pieces

  • Made up of a series of combustion modified foam layers

  • PU coated top cover

  • Removable, waterproof cover

  • Compatible with the aurum expandable bariatric bed


  • Able to cater for a range of patient weights

  • Able to be used with a variety of patients. Width expansion can be performed while patient is in situ

  • Provides pressure relief for medium risk patients

  • Vapour permeable and waterproof

  • Infection control compliant

  • Compliments the width adjustment of the bariatric bed

Technical Specification

Maximum Patient Weight (MPW)320kg (50st)
Weight25 - 35kg (3.9 - 5.5st)
Mattress MaterialHigh density foam (50 density)
Cover MaterialPU
Flammability Rating - CoverBS EN 7175 crib 5
Flammability Rating – Mattress coreBS EN 7175 crib 5


  bari foam+ mattress

Filename: bari-foam-mattress.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 1.39 MB



48” Fitted Sheet Cover


Bari+ Foam Extension Piece (width)


Bari+ Foam Extension Piece (length)


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