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Ultra Stretch Lift Stretcher

Product Code: T100OHL

The Ultra Stretch Lift Stretcher is used with the Ultra Twin Gantry hoist system to assist with horizontal lifting of patients up to 400kg (63st).

The lift stretcher is an impressively strong horizontal lift accessory suitable for even the toughest lifting challenges. The weight-bearing section of the Ultra Stretch may be used with either a full lift sheet or a repositioning sheet.

The Ultra Stretch is for use with the Ultra Twist Wide Gantry hoist system. Not compatible with any other system.


  • 400kg (63st) SWL

  • Horizontal lift accessory

  • Range of sling options

  • Quick-release hook


  • Able to cater for a range of patient weights

  • Can be used with complex patients

  • Can be used with either a full lift sheet or a repositioning sheet

  • Attachments can be easily interchanged to suit each patient

Safe Working Load (SWL)400kg (63st)
Compatible slingsT100REPO Repositioning Sheet
3684105 Lift Sheet XL Regular
3684106 Lift Sheet XL Long


  Ultra Twin Gantry Hoist Product Sheet

Filename: Ultra-Twin-Gantry-Hoist-Product-Sheet.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 651.96 KB




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