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Goliath Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Product Code: BMWC008*

The Goliath Heavy Duty Wheelchair is built for strength and durability, constructed from high-quality steel tube. The wheelchair is fully folding with a safe working load of up to 300kg (47st).

Unique to the market, the Goliath has the ability to adjust its seat height, depth and backrest height in order to suit a variety of users. Elevating, height adjustable and detachable armrests help caregivers with patient transfers.

Our wheelchairs come with a rigid, upholstered seat cushion which is fully detachable.

*The Goliath Wheelchair requires a complete prescription form to be provided before an order can be accepted. This can be found in the downloads section.


  • 300kg (47.3st) SWL

  • 22" (550mm) to 31.5" (850mm) seat width

  • Folding

  • Self-propelling wheels

  • Detachable, elevating armrests

  • Detachable leg rests

  • Removable rigid seat cushion


  • Able to cater for a range of patient weights

  • Can suit a range of patient widths, providing greater comfort

  • Easy storage and transportation

  • Greater patient independence

  • Easy side transfers

  • Allows for patient of varying size

  • Easy transport, cleaning and storage

Technical Specification

Seat width: not adjustable550mm600mm650mm700mm750mm800mm850mm
Total Weight37.5kg38kg38.5kg39kg39.5kg40kg40.5kg
Weight without AR & FR31.4kg31.6kg31.8kg32kg32.2kg32.4kg32.6kg
AR = Arm Rests
FR = Foot Rests
Seat height: adjustable450 - 480 - 510 – 540mm
Seat depth:450 - 480 - 510 – 540mm
Back rest height: not adjustable420 or 460mm
Overall width:Seat width + 240mm
Overall height: (= Seat height + back height + 2cm)From 890mm to 1020mm

Total length with foot rests:1180mm
Total length without foot rests:880mm
Load Capacity Max:300kg
Material:Frame and cross strut made from high quality steel, powder coated
Back angle:7.4°
Seat angle:3.8°


  Goliath Heavy Duty Wheelchair Product Sheet

Filename: Goliath-Heavy-Duty-Wheelchair-Product-Sheet.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 1.14 MB

  Goliath Heavy Duty Wheelchair User Manual

Filename: Goliath-Heavy-Duty-Wheelchair-User-Manual.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 4.48 MB

  Prescription Form for GOLIATH Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Filename: Prescription-Form-for-GOLIATH-Heavy-Duty-Wheelchair.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 296.49 KB