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Civitas2 Bariatric Community Bed

Product Code: BMAPH188

Suitable for patients weighing up to 350kg this electrically profiling civitas2 bariatric community bed offers a cost effective solution to caring for patients in the community.

With a low mattress platform height ranging from 30cm to 70cm and an integral extending platform of 15cm, this bed is extremely versatile.

Featuring drop down, detachable side rails, the mattress surface is easily accessible for manual handling or patient care.

The fully profiling bed has a simple handset featuring a lockout function for added patient safety.


  • Fully profiling bariatric community bed

  • Integral length extension

  • Low height

  • Attractive domestic appearance

  • Auto-contour & Auto-regression


  • Electrical operation of functions at the touch of a button

  • Caters for taller patients

  • Accommodates a variety of patients

  • Suitable in a community setting

  • Easy patient positioning

Bed Data

Safe Working Load380kg (60 stone)
Max Patient Weight350kg (55 stone)
Bed Dimensions218 cm x 136 cm
Bed Dimensions (when extended)233cm x 136cm
Mattress Platform Dimensions198cm x 120cm
Mattress Platform Dimensions (when extended)213cm x 120cm
Lowest Height 30cm
Max Height70cm


  Civitas2 Bariatric Community Bed

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