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Aurum Riser Recliner Chair

The Aurum Riser Recliner Chair has been specifically designed for bariatric patients to provide comfort, manoeuvrability and mobile hoist compatibility.

The chair is mounted on four heavy duty castors with rear brakes for easy transportation and stability. Space around and underneath the chair and the lifting mechanism accommodates mobile hoists for easier patient transfers.

Bespoke seat width, depth and height mean chairs can be tailored for individual patients or kept standard for general use while the dual motor means the functions of the chair can be operated individually to maximise patient comfort and support.

Product Codes and Sizes:

  • BMRR003 - 50st Aurum Riser Recliner 25.5", 27.5", 29.5", 31.5" Widths Available
  • BMRR004 - 50st Aurum Riser Recliner 33.5", 35.5", 37.5" Widths Available

  • Please complete a prescription form before placing an order. This can be found in the downloads section below.


  • 318kg (50st) SWL

  • Available from 650mm (25.5”) – 950mm (37.5)

  • Dual motor

  • Mobile hoist compatible

  • 4 heavy duty castors with rear brakes

  • Double support system on leg section

  • Waterproof and infection resistant vinyl coverings


  • Can be used with even the largest of patients

  • Can suit a range of patient widths, providing greater comfort

  • Can be operated individually to maximise patient comfort and support

  • Accommodates mobile hoists for easier patient transfers

  • Easy transportation and stability

  • Provides extra strength and support to the user

  • Easy cleaning for infection control procedures

Chair Data

Available Seat Widths650mm (25.5”)
698mm (27.5”)
750mm (29.5”)
800mm (31.5”)
850mm (33.5”)
900mm (35.5”)
952mm (37.5”)
Safe Working Load318kg (50st)
Leg section SWL100kg (15.7st)
Motor functionDual
Available seat height460mm (18”)
485mm (19”)
510mm (21”)
560mm (22”)
Available seat depth485mm (19”)
510mm (20”)
Available pressure reliefMedium risk Visco foam as standard
High risk Vita-Gel cushion


  Aurum Riser Recliner Product Sheet

Filename: Aurum-Riser-Recliner-Product-Sheet.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 425.30 KB

  Riser Recliner Instructions 2020

Filename: Riser-Recliner-Instructions-2020.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 23.40 MB

  50st Aurum Riser Recliner Prescription Form - fillable

Filename: 50st-Aurum-Riser-Recliner-Prescription-Form-fillable.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 330.88 KB

  Fabric Colour Sample Vyflex Stretch Collection - Fabric Supplement

Filename: Fabric-Colour-Sample-Vyflex-Stretch-Collection-Fabric-Supplement.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 1.01 MB

  Fabric Colour Sample - AGUA Faux Leather

Filename: Fabric-Colour-Sample-AGUA-Faux-Leather.pdf

Type: pdf

Size: 4.97 MB


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