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Bariatric 3-Section Couch

Product Code: PLINTH

The Bariatric 3-Section drop end couch provides full electrical operation of the height, backrest and foot section for effortless positioning of patients weighing up to 325kg.

The couch is designed to accommodate a wide range of examination procedures.

Memory foam has been added to the upholstery to provide additional comfort and pressure relief for the patient.

The 3-sections on the couch can be independently operated to achieve a comfortable position for the patient during treatment.

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  • 325kg SWL

  • Memory foam upholstery

  • Electrically operated

  • Height adjustable from 50cm - 105cm

  • Adequate clearance under plinth


  • Suitable for a variety of patients

  • Provides additional patient comfort

  • Effortless positioning for the patient

  • Low patient transfer height

  • Hoist compatible

Technical Specifications

SWL325kg (51st)
Backrest angle 0˚ - +80˚
Height Adjustable from 50cm - 105cm
Foot section angle 0˚ -85˚
Upholstery CRIB 5, Waterproof & Anti Bacterial