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Transfer Sheets

BMHE025 - Standard Transfer Sheet

Our standard transfer sheet is full body-length with six handholds to aid sliding transfers between two surfaces. The long handholds eliminate the need to bend and stretch and can also be used in an emergency situation when a patient has fallen on the floor where a hoist is unavailable or inappropriate.

BMHE025D - Deluxe Transfer Sheet

The deluxe transfer sheet is used in the same way as the transfer sheet but incorporates a series of extra handholds which allows for more precise positioning of a patient during a transfer. The extra handholds also increase control during the handling task by enabling staff to maintain correct posture during the transfer.


  • Full length sheet

  • Long handholds


  • Support for the whole of the patients body

  • Eliminates the need to bend and stretch

Technical Specification

Total width1000mm
Total length1900mm
Safe working load127kg (20st)


  Transfer Sheet Product Sheet

Filename: Transfer-Sheet-Product-Sheet.pdf

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