Meeting NHS Entry Requirements

Understandably visits to hospitals are still operating at a reduced capacity. This extends to suppliers like us with visits only allowed if they are deemed essential ie critical for the treatment of a patient or for the continuation of service. 


We wanted to make you aware that all members of the team that visit hospitals are registered to the Life Science Industry scheme to ensure they are compliant with NHS entry requirements, which are regularly reviewed and updated by each trust.


The Life Science Industry register, otherwise LSI, was developed to enhance patient and staff safety, helping NHS Trusts to confirm the identity, credentials and training status of representatives visiting their sites.


We have been part of this scheme for a number of years, with members of staff undergoing the training courses during their 6-month induction with the company and each year thereafter.


Following successful completion of the training courses, all members of staff are issued an ID card which they will carry with them to all hospital visits, when they are delivering or collecting equipment.

accreditation 3

We want to assure you that our team are doing all we can to comply with site entry requirements, to limit the spread of infection. All staff are regularly tested and continue to wear the required PPE for all visits.


If you require more information on our training credentials, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or on our main line 0333 800 9000.