SME News British Made Awards 2021

Drawing from 25 years in the sector, supplying NHS trusts across the country with specialist bariatric equipment, we are proud to have been awarded SME News’ Best Healthcare Equipment Supplier for 2021.


We have had an extremely busy year and our team have worked tirelessly, pulling together all resources required to operate as seamlessly as possible.


This award echoes our team’s sheer determination to make appropriate, specialist equipment accessible to patients in need 24/7. Whether that be in the community or in hospital, our team were always on hand to support.

The British Made awards focus on reputation, commitment, innovation, determination and contribution to their industry of nominees, we are proud to have been selected for this award so that the turbulent year of 2021 can end on a high.

"This award is a testament to our team and the efforts that have gone into upholding our high levels of service this year"

The full list of SME News’ ‘British Made’ award winners for 2021 can be found here: