Benmor Medical is introducing a new product at the National Back Exchange – the Aurum Low Bed

We are excited to make our return to the annual National Back Exchange conference taking place this year at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham on 18th & 19th September 2023. 

National Back Exchange (often known simply as “NBE”) is a not-for-profit association set-up to develop, disseminate, and promote evidence-based best practice relating to manual handling activities. Each September, since 1992, NBE run their highly reputable conferences for delegates with an interest in manual handling and this year’s event is packed with an array of interactive, thought-provoking seminars.


Bariatric or plus sized patient handling is a key theme of this year’s event and as we have been driving innovation in the bariatric industry with patient handling solutions for over 27 years, we are keen to play our part in promoting best practice in manual handling techniques and explore safe solutions for different scenarios whether that be in an acute or community setting.

Exhibiting on stand 16, we will present our newly designed Aurum Bariatric Low Bed, suitable for patients up to 440kg (69 stone). Also on display will be the Ultra Twin Freespan Gantry Hoist, the Aurum Riser Recliner Chair and a Verto Lateral Turning Mattress. 

Throughout the event we will also have live demonstrations on the stand, exploring different options for working safely with a bariatric patient in your care. If you wish to book a tailored demonstration, relevant to your field please contact Katie Beasley on 0333 800 9000 or via email  

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Aurum Bariatric Low Bed

The Aurum Low bed is the newest addition to the Benmor Medical product portfolio. Designed and manufactured at our Head Office facility in Liss, Hampshire. The four section, fully profiling hospital bed frame is designed for plus sized users with varying degrees of mobility. With the same high levels of design quality of our Aurum bariatric bed range, the low bed has been developed through close consultation with Manual Handling Advisors and Occupational Therapists in the field.


Benmor Medical identified a need for a hospital bed of this kind from feedback from patients and healthcare professionals. Many beds designed for plus-size patients do not have a sufficiently low platform height for safe mobilization, including egress and ingress from the mattress platform.



Typically the additional body mass on the underside of a plus sized service users thighs will impact on their ability to plant their feet on the floor safely. The newly engineered low height of the bed combats this issue and mobilization becomes more accessible for the patient. For patients that are not mobile – it is common that hoists are used for lifting or repositioning to maintain care. A lower height on the bed will help to accommodate this lifting clearance – ensuring that healthcare teams have adequate space between the bed and the hoist to administer the care or repositioning that they require. 


All of our products have been developed with the patient experience at the centre of design. Bringing together patients as ‘experts by experience’ alongside in-house and external clinical expertise, we have co-productively developed sector-leading products which have quality, safety, comfort, and usability at their core”.


Peter Staddon – Managing Director 

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Verto Lateral Turning Mattress

The Verto Mattress has been designed for use with patients suffering from the inability to move or turn themselves and have therefore developed pressure sores on those areas of the body where insufficient blood is supplied. 

The lateral rotation feature enables a gentle, gradual, 30-40 degree turning angle of the patient allowing capillaries to fill, preventing blood starvation and the formation of pressure sores. In this way, existing pressure sores can be treated successfully. The mattress is a low air loss system which keeps the patient cool and dry without blowing air directly onto the patient.

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Aurum Riser Recliner Chair

The Aurum Riser Recliner Chair has been specifically designed for bariatric patients to provide comfort, maneuverability and mobile hoist compatibility. The chair is mounted on four heavy duty castors with rear brakes for easy transportation and stability. Space around and underneath the chair and the lifting mechanism accommodates mobile hoists for easier patient transfers.


Bespoke seat width, depth and height mean chairs can be tailored for individual patients or kept standard for general use while the dual motor means the functions of the chair can be operated individually to maximise patient comfort and support.



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Ultra Twin Freespan Gantry Hoist

With a lifting capacity of up to 500kg (78st), the freestanding Ultra Twin Freespan system meets very high demands. The Ultra Twin Freespan Gantry Hoist can lift, transfer and position patients in a variety of positions. Since it is not affixed to walls or a ceiling, there are no special strength requirements for those structures. The system is available in a range of different rail lengths for optimal adaptation to the size of the room. The system has a variety of attachment options including the Ultra Twist (slim and wide), which offers a unique ability to adjust the patients’

position during and after the transfer, and the Ultra Stretch which assists with flat lifting.

About Benmor Medical

Benmor Medical are the UK’s leading independent bariatric equipment specialists and pioneers in bariatric care, the only UK company to develop, manufacture and distribute their own products for the bariatric market. With the number of obese adults set to increase by an estimated 11

million in the UK by 2030 (NICE, 2014) the need for safe, effective bariatric equipment is only going to become more necessary. Benmor Medical have been supplying bariatric equipment to acute hospitals and community settings since 1996.


The National Back Exchange runs from the 17th to 19th September 2023. The full schedule and list of exhibitors can be found here National Back Exchange