Tom’s Journey: Design Engineer Internship at Benmor Medical

A year has gone by, and Tom, our Design Engineer intern has successfully completed his placement year at Benmor Medical. We are profoundly grateful for his exceptional dedication and hard work. His distinctive perspective and unwavering commitment have significantly enriched our projects and team dynamics. Tom’s innovative approach to challenges, collaborative spirit, and professionalism have left an indelible mark on our company. In his reflection, Tom offers a distinctive perspective on his time with the company.


What made you decide to apply for the Design Engineer internship?

I was initially attracted to the company due to the interesting field of work, and the chance to explore different aspects of engineering. The medical industry has always intrigued me, and the opportunity to work on products that directly impact people’s lives was very appealing.


Throughout your internship, which projects or assignments did you find most challenging, and how did you overcome those challenges?

During my time as an intern, I faced some tough challenges, especially while designing a new bariatric bed. Navigating strict medical device regulations was new to me, making the design process more complex. Organising the project on my own was quite a hurdle, given the numerous parts with multiple design steps. To tackle these obstacles, I leaned on my team for guidance and collaborated with experienced engineers to understand the regulations better. Learning to work independently and stay organised took practice and learning from mistakes.


Describe a particular project or achievement during your internship that you are most proud of.

During my engineering internship, I tackled the challenge of reorganising the manufacturing process. I streamlined the way we order parts, ensured we always had consistent inventory levels, and worked with the manufacturing team to make sure that communication was clear and regular. The task of managing multiple components was challenging, but I successfully assigned each part a distinct ID that helped keep order within the workshop. This, for me, was a great achievement and it brought immense satisfaction to witness a seamless operation.


How has your experience as a Design Engineer intern with our company differed from your expectations when you first started?

My experience as a Design Engineer intern here pleasantly surprised me. I thought it would be a strict environment due to the medical nature of the products, but the company’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere encouraged creativity and open communication. I was impressed by the level of support and guidance from all team members.


During your time here, did you have the opportunity to collaborate with other team members or departments on projects?

Yes, I had the opportunity to collaborate with various team members and departments on different projects. Whether it was working with the production team on the redesign of bed components or collaborating with the sales and marketing team for understanding customer feedback, every experience was enriching and insightful.


Were there any specific skills or software tools that you had the chance to develop or improve upon during your internship? How do you see these skills benefiting your future career as a Design Engineer?

During my internship, I had the opportunity to work extensively with Solidworks, honing my CAD skills, stress analysis, and motion study abilities. These software tools have become invaluable assets for me as a Design Engineer. Having these skills will undoubtedly benefit my future career as a Design Engineer, as I can approach design challenges more confidently and efficiently.


How has this internship influenced your career aspirations, and do you feel more confident in pursuing a career as a Design Engineer?

The exposure to real-world projects and the opportunity to contribute to products that make a positive impact on people’s lives has been incredibly rewarding. I now feel more prepared to take on future challenges in my career, and I am eager to continue growing as a Design Engineer.


Are there any specific team members or mentors you would like to acknowledge for their support or guidance during your internship?

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Peter, the managing director, for his support throughout my internship. His mentorship and encouragement allowed me to continue my engineering duties seamlessly, even after my senior engineer left. I also extend my appreciation to all the team members who readily shared their knowledge and provided guidance whenever I needed it. The collaborative and supportive environment played a crucial role in making my internship experience truly exceptional.


If you could describe your overall internship experience in just a few words, what would they be?

Fulfilling, creative, enjoyable


If you have any memorable experiences from your time here that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them!

My trip to Italy to visit the metalwork manufacturer was truly enjoyable. It allowed me to gain valuable insights into the product and its manufacturing process and witness my drawings being brought to life, all while experiencing a different country. Speaking with the suppliers whilst trying to navigate a language barrier is an experience I shall never forget and is one that will stick with me throughout my career.