Bariatric Dynamic

Pressure Relieving Mattress

Our dynamic air mattress is made up of 20 individual air cells which alternate on a 15 minute ABAB cycle on top of a foam underlay. This provides high levels of pressure relief for high risk bariatric patients up to 413kg (65st).

bariatric dynamic mattress 1

Bariatric Bed

The mattress is width adjustable to compliment the aurum width adjustable bed. Width adjustment is achieved through two 140mm (5.5″) foam inserts which slot either side of the mattress when the bed is extended.

Key Features + Spec

Available with 286kg and 414kg (45st and 65st) swl

910mm (36”) wide with 140mm (5.5”) wide foam extensions available

Includes pump with adjustable pressure settings for greater comfort

Up to 72 hours air rentention, can be disconnected and will not deflate

Includes pump with adjustable pressure settings for greater comfort

15 minute air cycle for pressure relief

Removable washable cover

Product codes: – BMPB045GA – 286kg (45st) swl pump BMPB065GA- 414kg (65st) swl pump

Bariatric Bed

These foam squabs also provide a more solid edge for patients getting on and off the bed. The mattress is supplied with an easy to use pump with adjustable pressure settings. The mattress can be adjusted to be harder or softer to suit the weight of the patient or to the patient’s preference.

bariatric dynamic mattress 2
bariatric dynamic mattress 3

Bariatric Bed

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