Thorough decontamination processes throughout our UK branches

Did you know all the Benmor Medical branches feature state of the art decontamination units?


All the products on our rental fleet are expertly cleaned, maintained and serviced at our Nationwide branches before being sent back to our clients. Following each hire, every item is decontaminated, safety tested, recalibrated, and electrical safety tested, with any repairs documented and addressed by our in-house Rental Technicians.



Through our team of skilled Technicians, we implement thorough decontamination and inspection after every rental, to maximise the longevity of our products.

Decontamination activities are completed to the process requirements of ISO 13485, and the Health and Safety at Work Act.


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Being ISO 13485 accredited ensures we are able to service and repair all our own equipment in-house. This enables us to minimise costs, ensure ongoing product availability, and maximise the performance life of each item within our stock.

Unique and mandatory to the market, we are able to calibrate in built weighing devices in regard to those aspects of metrology concerned with the manufacture, supply and maintenance of patient weight equipment.


After the rental period has ended every piece of equipment is given a full service after decontamination with all findings documented. This allows us excellent traceability by having a full history of every piece of equipment on the rental fleet.

We also offer a yearly servicing programme to all our clients in order to ensure the longevity of products.


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