The Benefits of Bariatric Care Beds Designed and Manufactured by Benmor Medical

Aurum+ Bariatric Bed


The Aurum+ Bariatric Bed meets all the regular criteria of an acute bariatric bed with specially designed engineering features such as innovative stowable safety rails which can be retracted and stowed within the bed frame, providing greater ease when transferring a patient and easier access for a nurse to treat a patient. The features of the bed promote safety to the user and carer which have notable clinical benefits to comfort, safety and rehabilitation.


The Aurum+ Bariatric Bed has been designed for size and strength, powered by strong electric actuators, it can support patients up to 440kg (69st) and has a safe working load of 490kg (77st). The four-section, fully profiling mattress platform also has a width adjustment feature allowing the bed to be transported as a standard sized bed at 915mm (36″) and will therefore fit into lifts and through the majority of doorways. It also means that it can accommodate wider patients by extending the mattress platform to 1120mm (48″).


The bed has full electronic control and is operated by using either the patient or carer’s handset. The CPR override feature reduces the time taken to move the patient to emergency positions.


The Aurum+ bed has been developed through close consultation with patients, nurses, Manual Handling advisors, Occupational Therapists, Tissue Viability Advisors and Bariatric Care Advisors which contributes to safe moving and handling, effective bariatric care and in turn safeguard bariatric patients’ dignity and respect.


The Aurum+ Bariatric Bed has been designed so that it’s 4 innovative stowable safety rails (patent pending) can be retracted and stowed within the bed frame. This provides greater ease when transferring a patient on and off the bed and easier access for a nurse when administering patient care. The position of the safety rails has been specifically designed so that carers are able to retract the platform section closest to them, in order to get as close to the patient as possible thus reducing the risk of injury or strain to the care giver. The ability to get as close to the patient as possible ensures the safest treatment can be provided, reducing risk of injury to the patient and carer is one of our top priorities.


A bed of this design has the multifunctionality to benefit an array of patient groups including, but not limited to:

  • Bariatric Patients (over 25st)
  • Lymphedema patients
  • Patients with metabolic syndrome
  • Insulin resistant patients
  • Patients with Hypercholesterolemia


The bed has been through rigorous testing procedures to ensure it is compliant with BS EN60601-2-52 EU compliance standards and Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC and has been exported worldwide, using UK patient experience as a benchmark for quality.


Future Developments

coming soon

2020 brings new developments in our manufacturing procedures and capacity, with a larger manufacturing facility at our head office in Liss.


We are excited to be releasing a new version of the Aurum+ Bariatric Bed with some new features and benefits for our customers and their patients. Keep your eyes peeled for further information in the next few months