Terms and Conditions of Rental

All equipment shall remain the property of Benmor Medical (UK) Ltd.
Damage due to misuse or tampering will be charged to the customer.
Lost equipment will be charged to the customer at full retail rates.

Benmor Medical (UK) Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by misuse of equipment.

Benmor Medical (UK) Ltd. reserves the right to remove rented equipment if the terms and conditions of the agreement are not upheld.

Payment for rented equipment will be due on the 1st of the month following installation of the equipment and thereafter on the 1st of each month.

It is the responsibility of the customer to terminate this agreement by giving 48 hours’ notice of termination (if applicable) to Benmor Medical (UK) Ltd. The agreement will stay in effect until notification is received in writing.

The minimum rental period is 7 days (if applicable).

A delivery and collection charge of £90.00 each way (if applicable) is incurred for each item rented during normal working hours (9am-5pm).

A delivery charge of £160.00 (if applicable) is incurred for each item rented during Saturday/Sunday and night hours (5pm-9am).

Only one delivery/collection charge will apply if several items are delivered and collected at the same time.

All equipment should be wiped clean before collection to prevent cross contamination.

All rentals cannot be cancelled until an official order number has been received.

I have read and understood the terms of the agreement and wish to hire the above equipment at the cost stated.

I also confirm that the above equipment has/have been delivered in good working condition. We have been given adequate instruction for use of the equipment.

Charges will be incurred if equipment is cancelled upon our arrival; completion of form is still required