Supporting At-Risk Patients During a Pandemic

Its hard to believe that it has been 19 months since the pandemic hit in March 2020. At the peak of uncertainty, we were putting contingencies in place to continue our 24/7 service without compromising our high standards.


With bariatric patients considered more vulnerable, it was essential that we continued to supply equipment as urgently and as safely as possible to the wards across NHS sites.


Not only were we responding to acute needs, we also spent a portion of our time helping to facilitate discharges into the community to free up bed space and remove patients from higher risk settings. We were liaising with multi-disciplinary teams to aid these discharges as quickly as possible.

ward folder delivery 2021

With the complexities of bariatric care and the nature of supplying such specialist equipment, we also had to complete essential training (where appropriate). We had to be creative with this, some training was delivered on ward corridors and some was delivered remotely, all to protect the safety of our keyworkers.  


Our service, like others, had to adapt over the months, but we are so proud to have continued with limited interruption in what has been a challenging time for all.


A huge thank you to our team for their tireless work throughout, dealing with daily uncertainties and adapting to ever changing processes to ultimately deliver and make equipment available for patients in need.


Our thanks and appreciation for the team has been mirrored by our customers, with kind feedback such as the below:

“I would just like to take this opportunity of thanking you, not just during covid, for the excellent service you have provided. I would really like to commend you for being very helpful and efficient and this has not changed during this difficult period.”


Our upmost respect and appreciation extends to all keyworkers making a difference throughout an incredibly difficult period.