Rental Solutions for Rapid Patient Discharges

On a weekly basis, the team at Benmor Medical are proud to assist OT’s in sourcing equipment for rapid patient discharges into the community.


Sourcing specialist equipment at short notice is often difficult, but our rental solution guarantees quick delivery and installation. Freeing up bedspace in hospitals, eliminating pressure on the wards and providing patient comfort whilst longer term solutions are sourced.


Property Assessments for Suitability

Our technicians will be able to advise on what equipment will fit in a given setting by way of a property assessment, they will also factor in adequate space needed for patient care before giving the go ahead to install.


Once the assessment is complete, we can deliver equipment within 24 hours of an order being placed.


Training for Carers

As with any rental package delivery, our technicians will offer training to carers on the safe and correct use of the equipment.


We will ensure as many members of the care team are present when the training occurs and can even arrange additional sessions to accommodate staff on a different shift pattern.


As always, telephone support is also available 24/7 for equipment rentals.


If you have a patient in need of equipment for discharge into a community setting, please contact us on 0333 800 9000 and we will endeavor to get equipment installed as quickly as possible.