Reap the benefits of hiring bariatric equipment

Sourcing the most suitable piece of equipment for your patients is often a challenging task. Renting equipment guarantees a quicker delivery response and provides added service benefits. Below we outline some of the benefits associated with hiring such equipment.


For a relatively low hire fee you get to choose the very latest technology, safe in the knowledge that each piece of equipment has been decontaminated, maintained, implicitly serviced and rigorously tested with the thankful relief of not having to find space or facilities to store it once you have finished using it.


Equipment is expensive to buy and involves a huge number of extra costs, including registration fees, storage, maintenance and inevitable repairs. When hiring, you have no large upfront outlay, freeing up capital to be used where it is most needed. You also have the advantage of choosing from a unique range of the very latest registered and serviced equipment so that you can begin caring for your patient, and improving their outcome immediately – saving money and potentially even lives, whilst avoiding lengthy lead times and potential delays.



Ensuring that your equipment complies with industry regulations means regularly carrying out time-consuming services and maintenance procedures. We, at Benmor Medical, take care of all of this for you to ensure you don’t have to spend valuable time (or money if you outsource the work) finding qualified staff to carry out this mandatory task.


With the rapid advances in technology across all industries, the need or desire to upgrade equipment shortly after purchase for a newer, improved version is inevitable. Hiring ensures you have access to the latest equipment as different suppliers constantly battle and compete to upgrade different equipment year after year.


You may already own equipment however, and when inevitable seasonal or unforeseen spikes in equipment demand rise out of the blue, you may find yourself needing extra equipment to keep up with increased patient care. Therefore, with the convenience of hiring, your bariatric equipment requirements exactly mirror your unpredictable and sporadic levels of patient care.


Hiring equipment that you are considering buying is the perfect way to trial without any obligation to purchase. It allows you to trial, test out the frequency with which you may or may not use the equipment, its versatility and above all, the benefit that it delivers to both staff and patients alike, enabling the high capital purchasing decisions you may be looking to undertake, wise ones.


Our fleet of fully trained, friendly and conscientious Technicians deliver & install the equipment you requested, together with carrying out training on how to use it to all available staff members on shift at the time. We understand that cascade training can often be a problem and therefore we will re-visit as many times as is reasonably necessary until everybody is happy with how to use our equipment safely, and effectively, ensuring maximum benefit to both staff and patients. For the more challenging bariatric situations, we also have our very own Clinical Support / Moving & Handling Bariatric Specialist who we can rely upon to support our rental clients when they need it most.


Whether you’re supplementing existing fleet during peak periods, sourcing specialist equipment, need occasional-use equipment, or simply want to try something new before making the decision to invest or not, hiring equipment is easy, safe, cost-effective and guarantees peace of mind.