Peace of mind when weighing your patients

Did you know that most of our Aurum Bariatric beds on our Nationwide rental fleet are supplied with integral weighing scales? This enables healthcare staff to monitor the weight of their patients for the entire care period with ease and accuracy.


Why do you need to obtain a patient weight?

It is important to obtain a patient weight in order to prescribe the correct medication and to source appropriate equipment to aid in the rehabilitation journey.


All equipment will have a ‘safe working load’ and by obtaining an accurate patient weight, you are able to make an informed decision when sourcing this equipment.


The challenges faced when weighing patients

There are certain barriers to weighing patients upon admission to hospital, healthcare staff find great difficulty weighing those that are in severe pain and those with restricted mobility, added to the fact that appropriate equipment to weigh patients may not be accessible on the wards.


A study conducted by 3 NHS Trusts in West London found that as a result of this, weights were not recorded for 46% of the patients admitted to Hospital. (Charani et al, 2015).


To eliminate these challenges, our engineers incorporated scale units to our bed frame. The scale unit itself is positioned at the foot end of the bed so that it is easily accessible and non-obtrusive during in bed patient care and general manual handling.


How accurate are the integral scales on the Aurum bed?

The integral scale unit on the Aurum bariatric bed range classifies as a Class III measuring device. This is important, as Class III scales are recommended for use within hospitals by the UK Weighing Federation.


We are also proud of the fact that our scale unit measures weight in graduations of 200g to ensure optimum weighing accuracy. This is a key feature which sets our scale unit apart from other integral bariatric bed scales currently on the market. Graduations in 200g intervals are recommended for the regular monitoring of weight change and importantly to assist with medical diagnosis. (UK Weighing Federation, 2002).


You are safe in the knowledge that if used correctly, our scales will record weight with a high degree of accuracy.


How easy is the scale unit to use?

Our weighing scales have a simple design interface, but with any product we would recommend familiarising yourself with it before use. Our technicians will always offer training for staff upon delivery of equipment. As part of our ongoing service, cascade training for other members of staff is always available at a later date should it be required.


Peace of mind when weighing your patients 2


1. Power Indicator
2. 1° LCD weight display
3. Indications characteristics model
4. Function Keys


A few things to remember when setting up the scales –

1. Ensure the bed is placed on a flat and stable surface, connect it to the mains socket and lock the wheels

2. Ensure the bedframe has the mattress and bedding on top, then set the scales to Zero

3. If you do not set the scales to Zero then you will not have a correct weight for the patient

4. You cannot set the scales to Zero with the patient on the bed.


If you require any support using our integral weighing scales, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0333 800 9000 or via email and we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.


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