Maximising the Lifecycle of our Rental Equipment

Benmor Medical have been providing specialist bariatric rental equipment to the UK market since 1996. We are unique in the sense that we design, manufacture and supply our products to the end user and are currently the only independent supplier of bariatric equipment to do so.


As we are ISO 13485-accredited, we service and repair all our own equipment in-house. Enabling us to ensure ongoing product availability and maximise the life of each item.


Following each hire every item is decontaminated before processing onto the maintenance stage. During maintenance, all equipment is safety tested. If the device is a measuring device it will also be recalibrated to ensure it is operating accurately before its next use. All electrical equipment is PAT tested and labelled by our engineers, before it is ready to progress to the final stage, ready for redelivery to the next customer. 

Product Lifecycle


As manufacturers we have the capability to upgrade apparatus internally, preventing unnecessary wastage of useful products. As a result we maximise the longevity of equipment without the need to recycle or scrap any materials as waste. This falls in line with our sustainability strategy in which we target minimal waste to landfill, helping cut out harmful emissions that contribute to climate change.


When a product does come to the end of its lifecycle, it will be stripped for usable parts and repurposed, with only a small percentage of materials needing to be scrapped.

Reduce Reuse Recycle 3

All maintenance is completed at our Nationwide branches in Hampshire, Bristol, Leicestershire and Tyne and Wear. To find out how we can support you, or for more information on our maintenance packages, please email us at