Innovative bariatric bed patent granted in the UK and Europe

We are delighted to announce that the Intellectual Property Office has granted patent no. EP3315107 on the Aurum+ Bariatric Bed, entitled: ‘Barrier for a Bed’ in the UK and Europe. This decision adds to our patent portfolio, joining our existing patent for the features on our innovative Deprimo Floor Level Bed. This is an important milestone in Benmor Medical’s history and the continuing improvements to the medical equipment we manufacture.


Due to the complexity of a bariatric patient, there is a requirement to frequently move patients in and out of bed and administer care to a patient. It is highly desirable for safety rails to be movable so that a patient can either exit the bed or so that a healthcare professional can gain access to the patient. The new patent features on the Aurum+ Bariatric Bed range and allows the user to store the stowable safety rails within the bed frame. When required, the safety rails are easily pulled from the mattress platform and rotated 90⁰ upward and locked into position. To lower the rails the process is simply reversed. The rails are integral to the bed platform and therefore allows the width of the bed to be increased/decreased with the barrier rail elements movable between upright or underbed stowed configurations.


The Aurum+ Bariatric Bed range has been specifically designed for size, strength and practicality. Key features of the Aurum+ bed such as width adjustment, integrated weighing scales and patented adjustable safety rails provide a safe environment within which to improve the moving and handling of larger patients up to 440kg (69st).


“We believe that our patented technologies allow us to deliver superior and distinctive products, while fulfilling our vision of creating successful bariatric equipment which will provide safety for a patient and improve the care delivered by Healthcare Professionals.” Peter Staddon MD, Benmor Medical.


Benmor Medical continue to bring innovative design and engineering to the Healthcare sector and will always to strive to manufacturer equipment that benefits safety and highest standards of patient care.


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