How safe are your bariatric patients in an emergency?

We are delighted to announce an exciting exclusive partnership with Tetcon – Textile Technical Concepts, bringing their innovative bariatric emergency evacuation S-CAPEPOD to the UK market for the first time.


In an emergency situation, it is crucial that everyone in the building can reach a point of safety as quickly and safely as possible. For a bariatric patient this may be a challenge. With the easy-to-use 500kg capacity bariatric evacuation S-CAPEPOD available exclusively through Benmor Medical, you can ensure that no one is left behind during an emergency evacuation.


Due to the speed, ease-of-use and the comfort, these evacuation aids are used by many healthcare organisations around the world, from NHS acute trusts, community care centres, private hospitals and care homes, to name a few.


bariatric s capepod.min




Tetcon’s most recent innovation, the Bariatric S-CAPEPOD is designed to assist healthcare professionals to evacuate bariatric people from locations such as a hospital ward or other public/private buildings in the event of an emergency and has been safety tested to 500kg (78 Stone).


The Bariatric S-CAPEPOD is permanently mounted between the frame of the bed and the mattress. By means of several flaps, which you can pull around the bariatric mattress, encompassing the patient in the evacuation device while still on the mattress. In about sixty seconds, the patient is ready for evacuation. With the Bariatric S-CAPEPOD, you have a simple evacuation tool at your disposal that can make the difference in a state of emergency.


The Bariatric S-CAPEPOD is the only evacuation sheet for larger individuals that permanently sits under the bed mattress. This means that the evacuation device is always accessible for rescuers.
The 500kg Bariatric S-CAPEPOD is developed by Tetcon based in The Netherlands and available through Benmor Medical in the UK.