Growing business, big ideas! Independent bariatric equipment provider takes on the world’s top medical fair

With more than 123,000 visitors at the Medica Trade Fair 2018, Benmor Medical bring their expertise and innovation in larger patient equipment to this year’s event in Dusseldorf.


Taking place over 4 days from 18th – 21st November, Medica Dusseldorf showcases a wide spectrum of expertise in medical technology from over 70 countries. Each year, leading individuals from the fields of business, research, and design grace this top-class event with their presence, alongside tens of thousands of national and international decision-makers from the sector.


Exhibiting in hall 14, Benmor Medical will present its expertly designed Aurum+ Bariatric Bed, suitable for patients up to 440kg (69 stone). Also, on display will be the Deprimo Floor Level Bed which has an ultra-low height of 120mm (4.7”) and designed specifically for patients at risk of falling.


About Benmor Medical

Benmor Medical are the UK’s leading independent bariatric equipment specialists and pioneers in bariatric care, the only UK company to develop, manufacture and distribute their own products for the bariatric market.


Managing Director Peter Staddon said “All of our products have been developed with the patient experience at the centre of design. Bringing together patients as ‘experts by experience’ alongside in-house and external clinical expertise and CPD certified courses, we have co-productively developed sector-leading products which have quality, safety, comfort, and usability at their core”.


With the number of obese adults set to increase by an estimated 11 million in the Uk by 2030 (NICE, 2014) the need for safe, effective bariatric equipment is only going to become more necessary. Benmor Medical have been supplying bariatric equipment to acute hospitals and community settings since 1996 – meaning they have plenty of experience in the industry to tackle this ever-growing problem.


Aurum Bariatric Bed

Incorporating innovative stowable safety rails and the highest level of BS-compliance, the Aurum+ Bariatric Bed will be on display at Medica for potential worldwide distributors.


Having undergone extensive design and development, the Aurum+ is fully compliant with BS EN60601-2-52 EU compliance standards and Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC. Powered by strong electric actuators, the bed can support patients up to 440kg (69st), with a safe working load of 490kg (77st). The four-section, fully profiling mattress platform also has a width adjustment feature allowing the bed to be transported as a standard sized bed at 915mm (36″) while accommodating wider patients by extending the mattress platform to 1120mm (48″).


The bed meets all the regular criteria of an acute bariatric bed with specially designed engineering features such as innovative stowable safety rails which can be retracted and stowed within the bed frame, providing greater ease when transferring a patient and easier access for a nurse to treat a patient.


Deprimo Floor Level Bed

After great success in the bariatric market, Benmor Medical used their expertise to design a bed which would help to tackle the problem of patient falls, a problem which is costing the NHS approximately £15 million per year and affecting thousands of patients.


The Deprimo Foor Level Bed has a 120mm (4.7”) ultra low height, significantly reducing the risk of injury to vulnerable patients who are prone to falling out of bed, increasing patient safety and reducing the costs of in-hospital injury. The Deprimo helps reduce the need for constant supervision and increases patient safety by allowing nursing staff to leave patients at a safe height unsupervised, whilst maintaining patient dignity.


Benmor Medical’s bed range has been developed through close consultation with patients, nurses, Manual Handling advisors, Occupational Therapists, Tissue Viability Advisors, Falls Specialists and Bariatric Care Advisors which contributes to safe moving and handling, effective care and in turn safeguard patients’ dignity and respect.


Benmor Medical will be exhibiting at Medica, Dussledorf in Hall 14, stand B14. For more information, please contact Sophie Allen, Marketing Manager at, +44 333 800 9000.