Complimentary Bariatric Equipment Workshops from Benmor Medical

Get the most out of our equipment

Equipment workshop sessions are one of the best ways to familiarise Healthcare staff with our equipment range – due to the specialist nature of our equipment, some members of staff may have never seen these items before and are certainly not aware of how they work.


In addition to our CPD course, we encourage workshop sessions so staff are confident using the equipment we offer and are aware of all the features. This in turn will ensure they can apply best practice when caring for their patient whilst renting our equipment.


Workshop sessions can be arranged via a Benmor Medical representative and can be tailored to the needs and requirements of your team. Alternatively, we can adapt the workshop session to the needs of a complex patient, getting members of the team to use our Bari Suit to safely and effectively practice moving and handling techniques first, before applying this knowledge on the ward.


“I would just like to say a big thank you, to you and your team for supporting our Trust with the Bariatric Workshop Days. It has been really beneficial for our staff to see and use the equipment and for them to have an insight into the difficulties faced by our plus size patients, simulated by using the Bari suits.” Moving & Handling Lead


Our training centres are free for you to use

Usually, we conduct these sessions on-site and can bring our range of equipment to you. We do also understand that our equipment takes up a lot of space and because we know space within hospitals is restricted, our workshops can also be held at our 4 branches.


Our branches are located in Hampshire, Bristol, Leicestershire and Tyne and Wear and each have adequate workshop space to practice with the equipment. Sessions are relaxed and can be tailored to small or large groups.


Bristol Set Up


Ongoing support

At Benmor Medical, we always strive to ensure that we provide a great service. We know that equipment training is a fundamental aspect of this, in our duty to uphold safe practices and ensuring our equipment is used in a safe way. We also like to know that Healthcare staff and carers are happy and confident using our equipment to provide the best levels of care for their patients.


If you or members of your team would like some support with our equipment and would like to find out how we can help with this, please get in touch with us on 0333 800 9000 or via email at


From there, we will direct you to your local Benmor representative who will be able to coordinate this training and support. Whether it be a workshop session on-site or at one of our branches, these sessions are free to use at your disposal and form part of the ongoing support that we are proud to offer.


“Thank you for listening to the aims and objectives which I had for the workshop day, you clearly planned the session around my requests. Your scenarios and examples of cases in your travels around the country, mimicked scenarios to which the staff could relate, and hence I saw that they were so attentive.”Moving & Handling Advisor