Body Pressure Mapping – Selecting appropriate surfaces for your patient

A bariatric patient has an increased risk of developing pressure sores as a result of poor circulation to fatty tissue, without the correct preventive measures, serious tissue damage can occur.


With thanks to the Body Pressure Mapping system supplied by @MappingBody we have been able to conduct a series of tests for our range of products. This system measures the pressure distribution between the body and the support surface, allowing us to carry out some controlled tests on our equipment range including our mattresses, seating and wheelchairs.


Body Pressure Mapping systems can screen for pressure ulcers and identify high risk pressure areas, thus helping to select the correct pressure-relieving solution for patients – an excellent tool to help clinicians in selecting appropriate equipment.


We understand that every patient is different, however if you would like some information on our findings for a particular piece of equipment, this information is available. Additionally if you would like to enquire about how this pressure mapping system can help your patients, please contact us at