Benmor Medical CPD Bariatric Training Courses

The importance of delivering training that is CPD certified

Benmor Medical are an independent equipment provider, but it has always been part of our ethos to provide an extra level of customer support through our training. By sharing our experience and expertise in bariatric care, we help our clients support their patients with accessible, effective continuity of care.

Most of our clients are required to keep their skills and knowledge up to date through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities that are monitored yearly. We take great pride in being able to provide opportunities to train with us and gain CPD hours whilst doing so.


How does CPD apply to Specialist Bariatric Equipment?

It’s quite common for clinicians to be unfamiliar with bariatric equipment, after all they may not see and use it every day. This is why we wanted to create a series of CPD workshops to allow clinicians to enhance their skills and understanding of the specialist equipment available to them.


After attending our workshops, participants should be more confident in this area which will help when prescribing appropriate equipment for their patients.

How does it work?

Healthcare professionals can book onto our workshops online Delegate Registration Form | Benmor Medical


Once the training is complete and signed off by our trainers, the CPD service will send you a personalised certificate to confirm your attendance. The certificate validates your completion of this activity for your portfolio and will include the number of CPD hours that you have been awarded.


Special rate for our customers

CPD courses are available at a special rate to our to our NHS customers. To qualify for these rates all you need to do is provide us with your NHS/ social service email address during completion of your booking.


Any questions?

Have any questions about our CPD opportunities? Want to find out if our courses are suitable for your area of work or your own professional development? Please contact us either through our website, via email or by phoning our office on 0333 800 9000.